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Teeth Whitening
Warren, NJ

Do you have stains and discoloration on your teeth? Is your smile not as bright as it once was? Having your teeth professionally whitenedcan help you restore your confidence, giving you back your easy smile without needlessly stressing about embarrassing stains tarnishing it. Many people are reaching for at-home whitening kits that they can buy in the stores, but these kits can be dangerous and their results erratic, and can make your teeth worse.

Here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry we like to use professional-grade whitening products as part of our cosmetic dental services to give our patients the beautiful results that they desire without unwanted surprises.

Why Should I Choose Professional Dental Whitening?

Natural teeth aren't expected to be blindingly white, but over time, lifestyle choices and other factors can lead to stains building up on them. Teeth are highly porous, making them particularly susceptible to picking up pigment from food, drink, or other factors. Some of the more common reasons our patients may have stains on their teeth include:
•  Drinking tea or coffee
•  Drinking red wine
•  Using tobacco products
•  Aging

While the color of your teeth is largely genetic, professional tooth whitening can help restore their natural color and eliminate any stains that may tarnish them. When we whiten your teeth here in our office, we're able to give you faster results than what you'd get from something you picked up in a big-box store because we use stronger products and have the skill to deliver it to you.

Safe And Pain-Free Process

Getting your teeth whitened at our office is incredibly safe, reducing any risk of damage to your teeth. You're less likely to experience gum blanching (whitening) when we whiten your teeth in our office. While professional tooth whitening is a pain-free experience, many patients do experience some degree of tooth sensitivity following the procedure. This is to be expected and, while it should fully subside within 36 hours, can be reduced with over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen.

Not everyone is a good candidate for tooth whitening. Before we move forward with whitening your teeth, we will thoroughly assess them to determine if tooth whitening can aid you. Some patients with advanced tooth decay cannot have tooth whitening done without having their decay addressed first. The same goes for patients with any degree of periodontal disease; treating the gum disease would take priority over the tooth whitening. We will prepare your teeth before your whitening, removing plaque and tartar buildup from them to help the whitening gel work better.

Keepin' It Real

Having realistic expectations about your results is critical to ensure your happiness. Some stains simply cannot be removed from in-office tooth whitening, including stains from highly damaged teeth. Your caps and veneers also cannot be whitened, so keep that in mind; your surrounding teeth may be a different color if you have them professionally whitened. You also cannot expect perfectly white teeth after just one procedure, and some patients do require multiple appointments to attain their goal color.

Embarrassing stains on your teeth don't have to hold you back any longer. If you're hesitant about smiling due to unsightly stains on your teeth, please give us a call here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry at (908) 647-4441 for a comprehensive dental exam, cleaning, and a consultation to learn more about how a professional dental whitening can benefit you.

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Teeth Whitening | Wendy Sanger DMD - Warren, NJ
Embarrassing stains on your teeth don't have to hold you back any longer. If you're hesitant about smiling due to unsightly stains on your teeth, give us a call to learn how teeth whitening can help.
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