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a teen girl with an Invisalign clear aligner tray from Wendy Sanger, DMD in Warren, NJTreatment for a crooked, uneven smile is generally treated in youth and teenage years with those garish metallic braces that we’ve grown to associate with orthodontics. However, with the new dental technology known as “Invisalign,” more and more patients are electing to get their teeth straightened in a much subtler way, giving them the beautiful, straight smile that they desire without a mouthful of unsightly metal brackets and wires. Using clear plastic trays, Invisalign is a choice we like to offer our patients here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry to give them fast, reliable, and discreet corrections to their dental alignment woes.

Three Fast Facts about Invisalign

Many people seem to think that to get straight teeth, a mouthful of metal braces is the only way to go. Invisalign has changed our approach to adjusting our patient’s teeth, giving them the results they desire without announcing to the entire world that they’re getting their teeth fixed.

Reasons patients choose Invisalign include:

•  A crooked smile
•  Gaps between their teeth
•  Over/underbite
•  Overcrowded teeth
•  A crossbite

Invisalign requires appointments every two weeks for new adjustment trays, and during your course of treatment, you’ll use anywhere between 20-29 trays per arch. If you’re considering getting Invisalign, or any other cosmetic tooth adjustment procedure, consider these quick facts about using Invisalign:

•  Invisalign is faster than traditional braces. When a patient is compliant with our instructions and wears their aligner trays as prescribed (between 20-22 hours per day), the course of treatment is dramatically reduced. Invisalign can give you results in half the time of conventional metal dental braces, in as little as one year.

•  Invisalign is not just for children. 65% of adults could benefit from dental adjustment, and 20% have problems with a proper bite. While braces usually recall awkward teenage years, one in five adults is choosing to have their teeth readjusted with conventional methods or Invisalign.

•  Invisalign gives you flexibility. Not everyone can wear their braces for 24 hours a day, and Invisalign understands that. While conventional braces can steal the show when you want to get pictures taken for a special occasion (weddings, anyone?), you can discreetly slip your Invisalign trays out as needed. Just make sure you are wearing them 20-22 hours per day otherwise!

Getting used to Invisalign may take some work at first. You may notice a little bit of discomfort as they work, and when you first start with them, you may have to adjust how you talk or eat. You may have a slight lisp in the first few days after starting them.

While fixed braces can irritate the inside of your lips or cheek, you won’t have the same problems with your Invisalign trays. As a bonus, keeping your teeth clean while using Invisalign is a cinch. Instead of needing to brush and floss around your brackets and wires, you can simply take your clear aligner trays out to brush and floss before returning them to your mouth.

If your teeth are crooked or you’re struggling with any other orthodontic issues that need immediate addressing, please give us a call here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry at (908) 647-4441 for an exam and consultation to determine if you could benefit from Invisalign.

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