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Laser Dentistry
Warren, NJ

Dental laser technology from Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry in Warren, NJWhile using lasers in dentistry may seem like something straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel, this newer technology is quickly establishing itself as a credible and reliable way to not only act as a diagnostic tool for a variety of oral conditions; it can quickly and effectively treat them, too. Incredibly precise and accurate, lasers allow us to deliver prompt treatment to our patients with minimal downtime or discomfort. The highly capable dental staff here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry are carefully trained in the use of laser technology to deliver the highest caliber of care to our valued patients without prolonged recovery times or needless pain.

Why Lasers are an Indispensable Dental Tool

Lasers have been used in dental treatment since the FDA approved of them in 1990, and they have quickly established themselves as a safe and credible way to help us take better care of our patients.

Depending on what type of procedure you require, we have a variety of lasers that we may employ. Each laser has a different energy wavelength, dictating its role in your dental care. The most common types of lasers include carbon dioxide or diode laser.

Because lasers are so precise, damage to surrounding tissue is minimized, leading to less bleeding, pain, and discomfort to our patients. Benefits of using lasers in dental care are:
•  Surgery without the need of using stitches (sutures)
•  Less pain and recovery required
•  Reduced bleeding due to improved clotting and cauterization
•  Less need for anesthesia
•  Faster healing and less downtime
•  Less risk of infection following procedures
•  Less damage to the existing tooth

Not only do lasers help prevent unwanted side effects when treating our patients, but they also act as an impressive diagnostic and treatment aide. They’re significantly less invasive, and their accuracy rate is remarkable. We use lasers at our office for:
•  Detecting cavities. Lasers are an astounding 95%+ accurate at finding tooth decay, preventing undetected problems from getting worse.
•  Preparing a tooth for fillings or inlays/onlays. Instead of reaching for a noisy and admittedly scary-sounding drill, we can now ready a tooth for a filling using lasers.
•  Sculpting your gums. Lasers are great at reshaping your soft tissue, reducing the appearance of gummy smiles and improving the fit of your dentures.
•  Cancer treatment. Lasers can not only biopsy a suspicious lesion, but they can also remove concerning masses.
•  Tooth whitening. Stained teeth can be brightened using a combination of bleaching solution and lasers.

Many patients are already wary of coming to see us, and lasers give nervous patients an opportunity to be more comfortable and at ease in our office. Any negative side effects that are typically associated with traditional dental procedures are greatly reduced when lasers are introduced. They’re minimally invasive, quieter, and associated with less pain, swelling, infection, and bleeding following procedures.

We are proud to offer the highest quality of dental care here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry, using a combination of cutting-edge laser technology with the tried-and-true reliable methods that we’ve grown to know and trust. If you’re interested in learning more about how laser dentistry can benefit you and are ready to schedule your appointment, please give us a call here at (908) 647-4441 to schedule your exam.

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Laser Dentistry • Dentist Warren, NJ
The staff here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry are carefully trained to use laser technology to deliver the highest caliber of care to our valued patients.
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