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Dental Veneers
Warren, NJ

For patients with mild cosmetic imperfections to their teeth such as gaps, chips, or stains, dental veneers are a great option for restoring confidence to your smile. Comprised of a thin porcelain layer or sheet of a composite resin that covers the front of your teeth, veneers are a routine, straightforward procedure that can be completed in just one or two easy appointments. Here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry, we like to educate our patients on all of the risks and benefits of having porcelain or resin veneers to help them decide if the veneers would be an ideal choice for their personal aesthetic goals.

Porcelain Veneers and Your Smile

Mild flaws in your teeth are easily repaired by applying veneers over them. If you have stains on your teeth that are resistant to in-office whitening procedures, veneers can restore the whiteness of your teeth. While a gap between your teeth can be a quirky and unique trait, not everyone likes having that space; veneers can also help close spaces between your teeth, improving your appearance. Any superficial chips to your teeth can also be covered with a veneer, making these little sheets of porcelain or resin a versatile option for many of our patients.

Not for Everyone

While veneers may seem like a miracle cure for a wide variety of mild dental problems, not everyone can have them done. For instance, we do not advise veneers for any of the following types of patients:
•  People who grind their teeth are at greater risk of chipping or breaking their veneers. Some patients may benefit from a night guard to use while sleeping, though, which can minimize that risk.
•  Patients who have active tooth decay and gum disease are also advised to wait to have veneers until after an active infection is removed and treated.
•  For patients who have severely broken teeth, missing teeth, or advanced erosion, veneers may not be a good fit. Because the veneer needs something to bond to, other procedures like a crown or a bridge may be more suitable.

While some veneers can be done in a single appointment, occasionally we do need to send them out to our lab for a custom fitting. Before moving forward with veneers, make sure that you're entirely certain that this is something you want to do; we have to remove a superficial layer of your enamel during the procedure, making this a permanent and irreversible process.

How It's Done

Fitting a veneer is fairly basic and involves removing a small amount of your enamel to make room for it. We'll take an impression of your tooth to send to our laboratory. Once your veneer returns to us, we'll affix it to your tooth and use resin cement to get it to adhere securely. We also will cure it with ultraviolet light to confirm a good fit. Finally, we'll polish the veneer to make it look as natural as your surrounding teeth.

If you have slight cosmetic dental flaws that need to be addressed and are wondering how we can help you with them, or you have any questions about veneers and how they may work for you, please give us a call here at Wendy Sanger DMD Cosmetic + Family Dentistry at (908) 647-4441 for more information, or to schedule an exam with our skilled and professional dental staff for a consultation.

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A dental veneer is a razor-thin shell that is bonded to the front surface of a tooth. Like our dental crowns, our veneers are typically made from porcelain.
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